make something happen.

Everyone needs a sounding board, a safe place to think, a trusted advisor in their corner. Part confidante, part coach, part strategic planner, Leigh Anne helps you find what's working, what's not, and what to do about it.

Leigh Anne is a strategist and project coach to business leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs.

The Process

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Company Culture
  • Branding
  • Business Advisory


Like a navigation system, we must first be precise about where we are right now as well as establishing our desired destination. Leigh Anne asks strategic questions and listens carefully for client concerns, inconsistencies and unresolved issues.

make the plan.

Once we have established the destination and the obstacles in the way, we will discuss what is important, what must be fixed immediately and prioritize the rest.

We will make a clear plan of attack and chart a course to execute like a pro.

work the plan.

Every client will receive “marching orders” delivered to their email inbox within 24 hours of the strategy session. You will have your plan mapped out for you and will be able to begin working the plan right away in an organized and strategic fashion. If you get stuck, Leigh Anne is just a phone call away.

"I love my clients.
Roadblocks, frustration, feelings of overwhelm are almost always the occasion for our first session. But the camaraderie, the collaboration and the practical hope that comes when making a plan together creates an unexpected relationship where I become a trusted ally and my clients get to know and believe I am truly for them."

– Leigh Anne